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Cali Comfort


Cali Comfort
8910 Troy Street [map]
Spring Valley, CA
619 337-0670


For many generations the Walchef family farmed the same plot of land in rural Bulgaria. As a boy on the farm, Luben Walchef dreamed of moving to America and becoming a respected physician. With a lot of hard work and a little luck his dreams came true. By 1972, Dr. Luben Walchef had found his way to another rural area in the gentle rolling hills of east San Diego, a place called Spring Valley. In this lush setting he found a quaint two-bedroom home for his family. There he planted a wonderful vegetable garden and enjoyed the hearty dishes it made possible. Eventually the good doctor decided to share his love of classically prepared, great tasting food with the people of his community. In the 1980’s, Dr. Walchef turned his home into a charming family restaurant, and it soon became one of Spring Valley’s most popular eateries. In the years since then, various owners have contributed their ideas to the development of the restaurant, enriching its character while remaining faithful to its tradition of providing wholesome family meals.ccr-005 To continue the Doctor’s dream of family-friendly dining on Troy Street, his eldest grandson, Shawn Walchef, who has worked at the restaurant since September 1994, has teamed up with business partner, Corey Robinson to create Cali Comfort. The Cali Comfort Team is dedicated to continuing Dr. Walchef’s legacy by providing the restaurant’s patrons with delicious American-style meals and warm Southern California hospitality. Thank you for joining us. Check out Dr. Walchef’s book “The Harvest” at

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